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Burials on the Web

With just part of a name you can find someone in the cemetery. Many of our burials have images. Take a look.

Enter a name starting with the lastname.
Image Map Name Date of Death
ABBOTT, MARIE 06/15/1944
ABBOTT, ORIN M. 08/23/1937
ABNEY, ROY L. 04/11/2009
ABRAMS, MARY E. 09/08/1930
ABRAMS, PAULA N. 08/25/2013
ACKLES, INFANT 03/15/1893
ADAMS, AGNES 04/30/1875
ADAMS, CAROLINE S. 12/29/1931
ADAMS, CECILIA A. 05/18/1914
ADAMS, CLARA M. 04/06/1904
ADAMS, CLOVIS 01/18/1969
ADAMS, EDWARD L. 03/12/2016
ADAMS, ELEANOR 11/16/1928
ADAMS, GEORGE W. 03/12/1895
ADAMS, GERTRUDE 01/26/1986
ADAMS, JENNY 10/13/1885
ADAMS, JOHN H. 07/17/1880
ADAMS, JOHN M. 02/16/1925
ADAMS, KATTIE 02/11/1878

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